Aime D. Serna, M.D.

Alejandro Rocha, Jr, DO, P.A.

Ana Arroyave MD

Arianna Bender, M.D.

Augustine O Eleje, M.D., P.A.

Carlos M Remirez, M.D.

Carol Abilihi, M.D.

Dinorah Nutis, M.D.

Anwar. E. Monroy MD., PA

Family Medicine and Skin Care Center

Gabriela Hunko, MD, PLC

Galo Rodarte, M.D.

Lauro I. Ortega, MD., P.A.

Mt. West Health Center, P.A.

Nilesh Mehta, MD, PLLC

Primary Care El Paso

Sun City Family Physicians, P.A.


The Doctors In

United Medical Walk In Clinic, P.A.

Zaragoza Medical Center

El Paso Internal Medicine Care P.A.

Franklin Medical Center

Muneer E. Assi, D.O., P.A.

Guillermo Parra MD., PA

El Paso Family Doctor

Lauro I. Ortega, MD., PA

Strategic Business Partners:

We have partnered with Innovista Health Solutions and TMA PracticeEdge to provide the services necessary to succeed in value-based care models. TMA PracticeEdge provides a the long-standing and trusting relationship with physicians in Texas; while Innovista brings a cutting-edge approach, which allows us to provide total population health management and best-in-class organizational processes to our physician groups and their patients.