Del Norte ACO, LLC was formed June 2017 as a limited liability company operating in El Paso, Texas. Del Norte ACO is a physician-sponsored Accountable Care Organization comprising 27 independent, primary care practices in El Paso, Texas.

Upon passage of the Accountable Care Act, physician leaders quickly recognized that the health care market place was undergoing a cultural and paradigm shift. Unlike previous attempts to address health care costs, physicians now have access to new technologies with clinical integration, data analytics, and organizational structures (ACOs) that would enable them to meet the challenge.

Further, they wanted to ensure that their ACO would be physician-sponsored, allowing them to maintain their independence, clinical autonomy, and above all, the primacy of the patient-physician relationship. Their concerns regarding their ability to run a well-managed ACO were beginning to be addressed when the Texas Medical Association developed a new physician services organization, TMA PracticeEdge, to help them organize, develop a plan for success, and address funding concerns.

This TMA effort combined with Innovista Health Solutions, technology/management partner, and local physician leadership resulted in the formation of Del Norte ACO, LLC. Upon formation, the organization began recruiting physicians and physician practices in El Paso, Texas. This effort deliberately focused on identifying local primary care physicians who are willing to embrace the cultural transformation required for an effective, collaborative, ACO environment.


Aime D. Serna, M.D.

Alejandro Rocha, Jr, DO, P.A.

Ana Arroyave MD

Arianna Bender, M.D.

Augustine O Eleje, M.D., P.A.

Carlos M Remirez, M.D.

Carol Abilihi, M.D.

Dinorah Nutis, M.D.

Anwar. E. Monroy MD., PA

Family Medicine and Skin Care Center

Gabriela Hunko, MD, PLC

Galo Rodarte, M.D.

Lauro I. Ortega, MD., P.A.

Mt. West Health Center, P.A.

Nilesh Mehta, MD, PLLC

Primary Care El Paso

Sun City Family Physicians, P.A.


The Doctors In

United Medical Walk In Clinic, P.A.

Zaragoza Medical Center

El Paso Internal Medicine Care P.A.

Franklin Medical Center

Muneer E. Assi, D.O., P.A.

Guillermo Parra MD., PA

El Paso Family Doctor

Lauro I. Ortega, MD., PA